Historic Atlas Theater

Atlas Theater stage

The Cheyenne International Film Festival is proud to screen its films at the historic Atlas Theatre in Downtown Cheyenne. Constructed in 1888 as offices and a tearoom, the Atlas Building was converted to a theatre in 1908. Master Wyoming architect, William Dubois, drew up the plans for the conversion, which called for seating of 550, a stage sufficient for the traveling companies of the time, a soda fountain, a penny arcade, and a confectionery parlor.

The upper floors, once used as offices, were transformed into a rooming house. After its conversion, the Atlas showcased Vaudeville acts, finally closing in December, 1929. It soon reopened as the Strand, a movie theatre that entertained audiences until 1955. The Pink Pony Nightclub, which operated in the lobby area, quickly replaced the Strand during the early 1960s. The Atlas’ auditorium saw little use until 1966 when the Cheyenne Little Theater Players (CLTP) leased the building – and changed its name back to the Atlas — for its Old Fashioned Melodrama productions.

Lincoln Theater, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Today, the Historic Atlas, which seats about 250 people, is used both for the Old Fashioned Melodrama and CLTP productions and other community events, such as CIFF. The Historic Atlas Theatre is located in the heart of downtown Cheyenne at 211 W. Lincolnway.

The Lincoln Theater is a mainstay in Downtown Cheyenne, 1615 Central Avenue. Back in 1964 it was the site of the Cheyenne Autumn World Premiere.

The theater seats 400 patrons in the lower theater and 300 in the upper theater. CIFF is happening in the lower theater.